Simple Morning Mindfulness Habits + Physical Health

Simple Morning Mindfulness Habits + Physical Health

Self improvement is not doing s every so often but rather small things every day that will amount to a gradual change in your life. Sometimes the simplest daily changes of habit can be a drastic improvement. It’s like working out…. you don’t get abs in one month of working out and eating healthy.

Morning Balance

I have found that morning works for me. By early I mean 4:30 AM. I do this because it allows me to have more time in the day to get things done earlier before work that I consider a priority. So after waking up in the morning I like to make the bed and have a killer workout sesh. On days when I do not work out and it is a rest day I wake up a little bit later but continue with the same routine. Often I am able to add more to my morning routine when I don’t go to work but usually.. I wake up, make the bed and go to the gym. Coming back from the gym knowing that the bedroom is clean gives me a sense of peace.

Lemon Water

Lemon water helps to detox the body and is a natural organizing mixture for the body as opposed to having coffee what is acidic. I know this goes against the saying “But first coffee!”.

So why is it bad to have coffee first thing in the morning? 

An acidic pH may result in weight problems such as diabetes and obesity. When our body is too acidic, we suffer from a condition known as Insulin Sensitivity. This forces excessive insulin to be produced. As a result, the body is flooded with so much insulin that it diligently converts every calorie into fat.

An alkalized body results in more nights of peaceful, deep sleep; increased energy; and a reduction in weight.

Move Your Body

This is my favorite part of the day because moving your body whether it’s going for a walk outside, on the treadmill, lifting weights, going for a hike, doing yoga, or pilates… Whatever it is that you’re doing to get your body moving brings dopamine into your precious soul this allows for an energetic day and you’re happier throughout the day. When you feel better about yourself you make better choices and we can always use more of that.

Think about it as loving your body that you are gifted and the wonderful way in which we are created.. When we show gratitude for our body we want to do what is best for us so we can continue living this gift of life. Moving your body through stretching and working out gives energy and allows for great blood circulation making the day more manageable.

More Veggies And Fruit

Just like the previous paragraph of moving your body, adding vegetables and fruit or so more of it is a way of loving ourselves. Alkalizing our bodily insides allows for a better mood, system, and no time to get sick. 

A balanced diet along with moving our body is a great combination for a great day.

To add more of this into my life I started making fresh natural juices in the morning or when in need of snack.

Protein For Breakfast

What everybody wants but doesn’t know how to get it. This is protein everybody wants more protein and every meal. Why? Because we know that it is an essential part of keeping us full and growing muscles. When being vegan protein is the first thing that is questioned. Where do you get your protein? A little do people know that the more protein the more you have to work out because if you’re just focusing on protein and eating lots of it it can also turn into extra energy in your body if the protein isn’t being used.

Protein for breakfast helps to keep you for throughout the day and if you work out in the morning it’s essential to feed your muscles that protein right away.


Journaling, note taking and doodling; These are all great ways to jot down your thoughts which can be abstract in the mind until you right them down. 

Writing Ideas:

More Water

What’s all the hype in drinking more water you might be thinking. Do we really need to be drinking more water? 

Did you know that the amount of water you drink on a daily basis your body adapts too even if your body craves for more? 

The more water we drink the more we’re able to detox our body e and we are made up off the water, hence why we need it e! We want to thrive not just survive.

How to drink more water:

  • Have a water bottle that you like to carry around
  • Maybe have two water bottles
  • Add no calorie flavor if you don’t like to drink water


Meditating can bring you peace of mind allowing you to get your thoughts in order. When you have the clarity you’re able to think clearly and make room for positive thoughts.

  • Find a quiet time and place to clear your mind
  • Don’t forget your water
  • Take a journal, you might want to write down your thoughts and ideas
  • Learn to breathe 

Dress Up To Feel Great

The way we dress says a lot about us. Whether we wish it would or wouldn’t. People judge us based off our looks. Even our mood will determine what we wear. There's a new trend called Dopamine dressing where vivid colors are being worn to feel better. 

Although I don’t know how I feel yet about wearing bright colors I can definitely agree that the way you dress can make you feel better throughout the day and you’re ready for the unexpected because no matter what happens that day you look and feel great.

Keep It Simple

After all is said and done we want to keep it all simple so that these habits don’t make it a burden but rather to challenge us to do better. Keeping our morning simple gives way to peace of mind. Other things to keep in mind:

  • No Social Media Before 9 AM
  • Be Intentional
  • Celebrate Yourself

If you feel that you are not worth celebrating yourself because you’re not where you want to be…ask yourself how is withholding that helping you?

You don’t have to throw yourself a party but you certainly want to high-five yourself for the little wins in life such as adding a new habit to your life that is going to improve you.

I Celebrate you!


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